My Century America website would not have been possible without the help, support, and guidance of my mentors, my professors, helpful archivists and staff at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, and my fellow Century America researchers. In particular, I would like to thank:

  • Drs. Jeff McClurken and Ellen Holmes Pearson, for their excellent guidance and the opportunity to work on such an exciting and innovative project
  • Dr. Ruth Truss, for her mentoring and support throughout my whole undergraduate career
  • Mr. Carey Heatherly, for facilitating the tremendous amount of scanning I requested for this project (and for the many hours of help and ¬†guidance in navigating the Annie Crawford Milner Archives and Special Collections)
  • Gabriel Loewen, for his constant encouragement, image correction pointers and knowledge, formatting skills, and valuable HTML lessons (without which this website would not exist)
  • Ms. Stacia Brady, for her helpful recommendations and advice about my website’s appearance and content
  • The Alabama Department of Archives and History, for allowing me to use materials from the World War I Gold Star Database, which proved invaluable in the construction of my project
  • All of my fellow Century America researchers, for their continued feedback, support, and enthusiasm
  • The Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, for facilitating the Century America Digital Liberal Arts Project
  • The Teagle Foundation, for its generous support of the Century America Digital Liberal Arts Project


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